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SkinCare in Wellesley, MA

For the best medical dermatology care, patients in Boston turn to Dr. Rashel Goodkin. Dr. Goodkin is an experienced, expert dermatologist offering effective and comfortable care for a variety of skin conditions.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When you’re unsure what condition you’re faced with, professional diagnosis can get you on track to reaching healthy, symptom-free skin.

Pediatrics and Teens

Dr. Goodkin treats patients of all ages, including children and teens.

Skin Cancer Screening

If a self skin check reveals a suspicious mole or lesion, professional skin cancer screening is the first step in maintaining the health of your skin.

Hair & Nails

Dermatologists like Dr. Goodkin treat common conditions of the hair and nails such as alopecia or nail fungus.

Benign Skin Growth

Benign skin growths, such as skin tags or nevi, aren’t always health concerns but can still irritate a patient. Dr. Goodkin can evaluate and remove benign skin growths as needed.


Eczema affects many patients, causing dry, irritated skin. Dr. Goodkin offers effective treatments so patients can find relief.


Various bacterial, fungal, or viral infections can occur in the skin, which require treatment from a qualified dermatologist.

Pigmentation Disorders

Patients who see areas of light, dark, or discolored skin can seek treatment for their pigmentation disorder to achieve a more even skin tone with reduced symptoms.


Psoriasis results in rough patches of dry, itchy skin known as plaques. Treatment from an expert dermatologist can help resolve and prevent these symptoms.


Dr. Goodkin treats a variety of rashes that patients commonly face, such as dermatitis, hives, or poison ivy.


Most people have moles, but some wish to have them removed for cosmetic or other reasons. Moles should also be monitored by a dermatologist for signs of skin cancer.

Allergy Testing

Allergens affecting the skin commonly include cosmetics, household products, metals, or latex. Dr. Goodkin offers allergy testing so patients know what to avoid.

Steroid Injections

In some cases, steroid injections are the most effective way to reduce inflammation and allow the skin to heal. Dr. Goodkin offers steroid injections in her office.

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Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is an inflamed, red, itchy, or otherwise irritated reaction when the skin comes in contact with an allergen. Dr. Goodkin can help determine allergens and treat reactions.


Warts are caused by viruses and usually appear as a rough growth, commonly found on the hands or feet. Dr. Goodkin can treat and remove warts in both children and adults.