Steroid Injections

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Steroid injections have several uses in dermatology. This treatment option is also referred to as “intralesional steroid injection” or “corticosteroid injection” and is used when the skin is inflamed or swollen. Dr. Rashel Goodkin is a Harvard-trained dermatologist who can determine when steroid injections are necessary and beneficial for a patient.

What are Steroid Injections?

Steroid injections involve administering a corticosteroid by injecting it directly to the skin to treat a variety of skin conditions. Dr. Goodkin may recommend steroid injections to treat conditions ranging from common problems such as acne cysts and alopecia areata to rare conditions such as granuloma annulare. Corticosteroids work by reducing inflammation.

Why are Steroid Injections Used?

Steroid injections are generally used to reduce inflammation related to a range of conditions and allow the skin to heal more efficiently. There are many conditions which can be treated using steroid injections. These include:

What is the Steroid Injection Procedure Like?

After determining that steroid injections are the correct treatment option for you, Dr. Goodkin will clean the area. The steroid can then be injected directly into the skin using a very small needle. The entire process takes only a few minutes and you may feel some slight and brief discomfort. Often, corticosteroid injections contain a local anesthetic to help maintain your comfort through the procedure.

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