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Whether you haven’t seen a dermatologist before our you’re a new patient to Dr. Goodkin, you’re probably curious about what you can expect during your first appointment. The specifics of your diagnosis and treatment as a dermatology patient vary greatly depending on the reason for your visit, but regardless of your condition, you can expect a comfortable experience and the best quality care when choosing Dr. Goodkin. As a Harvard-trained dermatologist with years of experience, Dr. Rashel Goodkin is prepared to make an accurate diagnosis and establish the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

What Do Dermatologists Treat?

Dermatologists treat a variety of skin conditions, ranging from common problems like acne, moles, or skin tags to more serious issues such as infections or skin cancer. Dermatologists such as Dr. Goodkin treat skin concerns that are both cosmetic and medical in nature.

How Do Dermatologists Make a Diagnosis?

There are several methods that your dermatologist may utilize in order to reach a diagnosis. The first step in most diagnoses is a careful visual examination of the area. This may involve the use of special lights known as Woods lights, which offer the dermatologist a more detailed view and can help to detect changes in pigmentation, skin infections, or other issues.

If necessary, Dr. Goodkin may also require a skin biopsy to diagnose your skin condition. This involves removing a small amount of the affected skin so that it can be evaluated in a laboratory. Biopsies can be completed quickly and are easily tolerated by the patient. A skin biopsy is required to diagnose conditions such as skin cancer, infections, or some inflammatory skin disorders.

Finally, dermatologists may perform allergy testing to determine or rule out a patient’s allergens. Dr. Goodkin performs patch testing in which common dermatitis allergens such as fragrances or rubber products are applied to the skin through a small adhesive patch. The skin is then examined for a reaction after about 48 hours and after 72 hours.

Dermatology Treatment

Dr. Rashel Goodkin offers treatment for a range of dermatologic conditions, including topical or oral prescriptions, cryotherapy and excisions, and professional advice regarding your at-home care. Patients in Boston can call Dr. Goodkin for treatment regarding:

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