Skin Cysts

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Cysts are a common skin condition that are usually harmless, but often require treatment from a qualified and experienced dermatologist. Dr. Rashel Goodkin is an Ivy-League trained dermatologist who has a thorough understanding of cysts and their treatment. Patients in the Boston area can benefit from Dr. Goodkin’s expertise in a comfortable and patient-friendly practice.

What are Skin Cysts?

A cyst is a pocket of tissue that contains substances such as fluid or protein. There are several different types of cysts, including the following.

  • Epidermal inclusion cyst (sometimes known as sebaceous cyst): usually painless and sometimes slow growing cyst typically caused by a blocked hair follicle and filled with keratin, a skin protein.
  • Pilar cyst: a flesh-colored bump that forms on the skin’s surface, usually on the scalp
  • Digital mucous cyst: a small bluish bump often found close to joints on hands and feet in the setting of age-related arthritis
  • Acne cyst: a breakout that produces a pocket of inflammation deep in the skin

What Causes Skin Cysts?

Cysts are caused by a variety of factors, depending on the type and location of the cyst. Cysts can be caused by infection, inherited disease, chronic inflammation, or blockages in ducts, pores, or hair follicles.

When to Seek Treatment for Skin Cysts

Some cysts subside without medical treatment or by using warm compresses. However, other cysts require attention from an expert dermatologist such as Dr. Goodkin. Some cysts can become inflamed and can cause pain, particularly if they have been traumatized. In order to avoid infection, it’s important to never attempt to pop or squeeze a cyst. Instead, schedule an appointment for professional treatment.

Skin Cyst Treatment

There are three basic options for cyst treatment that Dr. Goodkin may use. First, fluids or other material may be drained from a cyst after a small opening is made in the skin. Alternatively, Dr. Goodkin may recommend an oral antibiotic and/or a topical treatment regimen or a steroid injection to reduce swelling and inflammation to treat the cyst. Finally, removing the cyst can be accomplished through a minor surgery. This is typically reserved for cysts that are not responsive to other treatment methods. Dr. Goodkin will carefully evaluate your cyst and explain the treatment plan that will be most effective for you.

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