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Cryotherapy, also known as cryosurgery, is a simple technique that expert dermatologists like Dr. Goodkin use as an alternative to making excisions when removing lesions or growths from the skin. Dr. Goodkin is a Harvard-trained dermatologist with many years of experience, so patients in the Boston area can put their trust in her when seeking cryotherapy.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cyrotherapy, or cryosurgery, is commonly used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Cryotherapy utilizes liquid nitrogen, which may be sprayed onto the treatment area or applied using a swab.

When is Cryotherapy Necessary?

Cryotherapy is used to remove a lesion or benign growth. There are a wide range of uses for cryotherapy in dermatology, including both cosmetic and medically necessary purposes. Some conditions that may be treated using cryotherapy include:

The Cryotherapy Procedure

She will then apply liquid nitrogen (a very cold spray) to the area either by spraying it on or applying it with a small swab. This procedure can be completed quickly.

After Cryotherapy

Soon after cryotherapy, the treatment area will be red and may blister or swell. Clear fluid may also drain from the area. A scab may form within several days. Healing generally takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. In rare cases, a white mark may be left on the skin once the skin heals. In order for the best healing to occur, avoid sun exposure and use SPF 30+ regularly.

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