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Keloids can be uncomfortable reminders of an injury or a source of self-consciousness. However, like most scars, keloids are treatable by an educated and trustworthy dermatologist such as Dr. Rashel Goodkin. Dr. Goodkin has trained with top institutions including Harvard Medical School, and provides excellent care for patients in Boston. 

What are Keloids?

Keloids are a type of scar that appears as a smooth, hard growth of excess scar tissue. These are often much larger than the original wound or injury and are most commonly found on high tension areas of skin such as chest, shoulders, and back.

What Causes Keloids?

Keloids form after an injury in the skin, which can include a burn, laceration, chickenpox or other infection, surgical incision, vaccination or other injection, or a piercing. Keloids form when the body continues forming scar tissue long after the injury heals, resulting in the raised or dark scar. Genetic predisposition plays a role in developing keloids.

Treatment for Keloids

Keloid treatment varies depending on the patient. Dr. Goodkin may recommend a steroid shot to help reduce swelling and essentially shrink the keloid. Prescription creams can also be used. Cryotherapy can also by used to reduce the size or hardness of a smaller keloid. Wearing a silicone sheet or applying gel over the keloid can help to flatten the area. Dr. Goodkin will examine your keloid scar and recommend the treatment that will work best for your symptoms. Dr. Goodkin will also help address any conditions that may be contributing to keloid formation, such as acne.

Who Needs Keloid Treatment?

Keloids generally don’t cause any harm to the patient’s health, but many people are unsatisfied with keloid scarring for cosmetic reasons. If a keloid is noticeable or conspicuous or you feel self-conscious about a keloid, you can seek treatment for the scar. This is especially true for patients who have keloids in highly visible areas, but keloids in any area of the body can be treated by a qualified dermatologist such as Dr. Goodkin.

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