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Pediatrics & Teens

As a parent, seeing a rash, growth, or infection on your child’s skin can be a source of anxiety. Scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist who has experience taking care of young patients and who you can trust will allow your child to find relief as quickly as possible. Dr. Rashel Goodkin treats children and teens facing a wide range of dermatologic conditions.

Common Conditions Among Children and Teens

Most conditions that Dr. Goodkin treats can occur in children and teens as well as adults, but there are some issues that more commonly affect these age groups. Among pediatric patients, acne, warts, molluscum, and dermatitis or eczema are some of the most common reasons to seek care from a dermatologist.


Acne commonly affects teens, who may struggle with changing hormones. Almost everyone will face acne at some point in their life, but for many teens, acne can be physically painful or damaging to their self-esteem. It can also leave scars if untreated. There are excellent treatments available for acne that can clear the condition for most patients. Dr. Goodkin can evaluate your teens’ acne to determine the specific cause, type, and appropriate treatment protocol to help them reach clear, healthy skin. 


Warts most commonly affect children, because warts are caused by a virus and the growing immune system of children is often not mature enough to fight the virus. There are several types of warts that children may be affected by, with warts most frequently appearing on the hands or feet. While warts can be uncomfortable or painful for children, treatment is often simple through using creams, Cantharidin (an extract from a blister beetle), or cryotherapy.

Dermatitis and Eczema

Children and infants are often affected by eczema or dermatitis. In infants, dry, scaly patches on the scalp known as “cradle cap” are a common type of eczema. Dr. Goodkin will evaluate your child’s eczema or dermatitis, conduct allergy tests if needed to rule out potential allergens, recommend the best skin care products to use, and determine an effective treatment plan.

Choosing a Pediatric Dermatologist

When choosing a dermatologist to treat your child, you want to feel reassured that your child is receiving the best care possible. Dr. Rashel Goodkin is an expert who has trained with top institutions including Harvard Medical School and University of Massachusetts Medical Center and published original research on dermatology in prestigious medical journals. In addition to her expertise, Dr. Goodkin prioritizes a patient-focused practice, ensuring that each patient feels comfortable and relaxed at her office no matter their age.

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